Thai Kitchen – O’Fallon deploys robots to help deliver food to tables and entertain guests.

O’Fallon, MO ( Thai Kitchen – O’Fallon has two exciting announcements to release to the public:

Thai Kitchen – O’Fallon has deployed a robot to assist in delivering menu items to the tables.  The robot is manufactured by Bear Robotics and was leased through St. Charles Restaurant Equipment, which has an operating model on their showroom floor.  Visit our O’Fallon location to see our robot (named Thaiger, like Tiger).  Kids, as well as adults, love it.

We are among the first restaurants in this region to subscribe to this latest state-of-the-art restaurant technology.  We don’t believe or intend on it to replace our personal service, but to enhance it and make your visit more fun and exciting.

Secondly, you can purchase catering from Thai Kitchen by visiting our website or EZ Cater.  CLICK to view us on  Call-in catering orders are always welcomed and appreciated.  Call the location nearest to you.  Just in time for the holidays!

These enhancements went live today, and a press release will be distributed via PR Newswire later this week.

Stay tuned for our following announcement later this week.